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Financial Aid
Cosmetic Arts Institute is accredited through the Council on Occupational Education ("COE").  COE's address is
7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
(770) 396-3898 or (800) 917-2081
FAX - (770) 396-3790
Documents can be reviewed on COE's website.
Cosmetic Arts Institute is licensed by the South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology.
Cosmetic Arts Institute is approved by the South Carolina Department of Education.
 Financial Aid at Cosmetic Arts Institute consists of Federal Family Education Loans, Federal Direct Student Loans, and Federal PELL Grants. The school is VA approved and offers assistance in securing  Vocational Rehabilitation Aid. Application for Federal Aid may be made through the Financial Aid Officer of the school.

Federal PELL Grants
{application must be made 4-6 weeks prior to enrollment.}
Federal Family Education Loans
{application must be made 30-60 days prior to enrollment.}
Federal Direct Student Loans
{application must be made 30-60 days prior to enrollment.}
Additional aid through individual agencies must be arranged one month prior to enrollment.

Plus Loans

SC Vocational Rehabilitation

VA Benefits (Veterans Affairs)


Refund Policy


A.  An applicant rejected by the school shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid.


B.  If a student (or in the case of a student under age, his/her guardian) cancels within three business days of the signing of any enrollment agreement of contract, all monies shall be refunded.


C.  If a student cancels his/her enrollment after the three business days after signing but not prior to entering classes, he/she shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school less an administrative fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00).  The cancellation date is to be determined by the postmark date on notification, or the date said information is delivered to the school administrator/owner in person.


D.  For all students who enroll in and begin classes the following schedule of tuition adjusments will apply !00% termination or withdrawal fee, texthook, kit and smock fees plus.


Percentage time to total Time of Course     Amount of total tuition School shall

                                                                      Retain or Receive


 0.01 % to 10%                                             10% Retained or Received

10.01% to 25%                                             50% Retained or Received

25.01% to 50%                                             75% Retained or Received

  over 50%                                                    100% Retained or Received


The School always uses the policy which grants the student the largest refund whether it be pro rata, institutional or state mandated.


E. Refund Policy for Programs Beyond Twelve Months - If a student financially obligates to pay for a period of time beyond twelve months, that student shall be released from the obligation to pay beyond the twelve months IF the student withdraws during the first twelve months.  The calculation of the refund for the unused portion of the twelve months shall be calculated per paragraph D above.  If the student withdraws during any subsequent period following the first twelve months, the student's refund for the unused portion applicable to the period of withdrawal shall be based on paragraph D above.



The principal responsibility for education cost rests with the student and the student's parents if the student is financially dependent. Financial Aid helps pay the difference between what the student and her or her family are able to contribute and the student's actual educational expense.Cosmetic Arts Institute offers the opportunity for Financial Aid to all students, regardless of racial or ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, or marital status.The Administrator and Financial Aid Officer, is available for Financial Aid counseling Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.



Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)


Federal regulations require that all federal financial aid (Title IV aid) recipients enrolled in a diploma-seeking program must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward a diploma to maintain eligibility.  Cosmetic Arts Institute complies with this requirement by monitoring each student's cumulative average, attendance rate, and maximum period for completion of a diploma.  All federal aid programs administered by Cosmetic Arts Institute are governed by this policy.  Additionally, the same standards apply to students who do not receive Title IV aid.


1. Cumulative Average

     Students must maintain a minimum cumulative average of 75.

2. Attendance Rate

    Students must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 67%.  The attendance rate is based on scheduled hours, not attended hours.

3.  Normal Time Frame for Completion

     A student may not receive Title IV aid for more than 1.5 times the standard program length.   Example, students enrolled in a 1500 hour program are allowed to receive Title IV funds for a maximum of 2250 scheduled hours. If a student has   

     not attended (completed) 1500 hours within the maximum time frame of 2250 scheduled hours, the student would be ineligible for Title IV aid for the remaining hours to complete the program. 

4.  Monthly Evaluations

     Each month students will receive academic progress information about their cumulative scheduled v. attended hours (attendance rate), current cumulative grade average and an opportunity to discuss any academic issues.

5.  Probation and Suspension

      Students who do not meet SAP standards are placed on probation until the next scheduled review.  A student on probation is still eligible to receive Title IV funding. 

      At the next scheduled review, the student must have increased his or her cumulative average and attendance rate to meet the minimum SAP standards or the student will be suspended.  While suspended, a student is not able to

      receive federal financial aid or attend school.

6. Appeals

     Students have the right to appeal their suspension if they can provide documentation of extenuating circumstances beyond their control that significantly contributed to tehir academic performance and ability to attend school.

     The student's appeal must be written and include an explanation of why they failed to make SAP and what has changed that will allow them to make SAP at the next scheduled review.

7. Leave of Absence

    Students returning from a leave of absence or other official interruption of training must return to school with the same status they had prior to departure.  A leave of absence may also extend the contracted end date by the number of days

    of the leave.  A student not in attendance for two weeks may be terminated unless on an approved Leave of Absence.

8.  Withdrawals

     Any student who withdraws from training will have a notice placed in their file as to progress at point of withdrawal.

9.  Repetition

     A student making satisfactory progress at the point of withdrawal may apply for re-enrollment in this school and will be considered as making satisfactory progress at the point of re-entry.  A student failing to meet minimum satisfactory requirements at the point of withdrawal will be placed on probation for one period when accepted for re-enrollment.

10.  Exceptions

     Cosmetic Arts Institute may suspend a student's financial assistance in the event of extraordinary circumstances that are not accounted for in this policy,  In all instances, the student will be notified of the appeal process.